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Financial support for players

More people can join, regardless of the prerequisite…

The Malmö Trophy, in collaboration with We Love Football, is a welcoming place for everyone.

Together, we work to ensure that all players in the team can afford to accompany the team’s tournament and travel cost. Our ambition is that more people will have the chance to experience that wonderful feeling of a successful tournament adventure, which we know you as a team get in the Malmö Trophy.

Through We Love Football’s sustainability program and support from a number of different partners, we want you as participating teams to be able to take part in a safe and secure football experience.
Below, you as a participating team can read more about how players in need of financial support in your particular team can get help.

Through We Love Football’s player support, we offer the following:

  •  that players can, through the team’s responsible manager, apply anonymously for subsidized participation in any of the tournaments that We Love Football arranges.
  • that more players and teams get to experience and participate in tournaments according to the ambition and plan that exists within the team and club.
  • support and help so that the team, through financial support, can participate in one of the tournaments that We Love Football organizes in collaboration with other associations.

Financial support is only available for players from Sweden.